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What is Genetous?

Genetous is a BaaS platform consisting of many fully generic microservices that operate both independently and in conjunction with each other.

With Genetous's full-generic structure, you can create more than one application on the Platform and run more than one application over the same services.

With Genetous SDKs and Low Code Application, it allows you to quickly perform your API communication operations on the Frontend.

Our Services

Genetous offers the following services by default in the first stage. Over time, new services will be added to existing services and existing services will be constantly updated.

Data Service (NoSQL and SQL)

Data Service is the service where you can perform CRUD operations.

Object Storage Service

Object Storage Service is the service where you will upload and download files.

Job Service

Job Service is the service which you can perform your scheduled jobs.

Notification Service

Notification Service is a service which you can send notifications to mobile applications and send e-mails.

Analytics Service

Analytics Service, It is a service which you can generate analytical graphic outputs generically with the data you process on the application.

Recommendation Service

Recommendation Service is a service that allows you to create recommendations within your application.

Rule Engine

Rule Engine allows you to set role-based rules and configure services while they are running. You can perform all Rule Engine operations via Manage Apps.

IoT Service

IoT Service is the service that allows you to communicate between your devices and your applications.

Genetous Playground

Low Code App is a service that allows you to use the data available on your application and code on SDKs for your application.

All Services Ready for Prometheus

You can access service metrics with Actuator and Prometheus

Redis is now in beta

With Redis caching performance, you will be able to retrieve your data much faster.

iOS Native SDK
Android Native SDK
React SDK

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